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Kathleen Werner is a member of the National Arts Club in Manhattan, and on the board of directors of the Taliesin Fellows, Frank Lloyd Wright‘s School of Architecture Alumni Organization.

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You can’t straddle Jeff Koons’s Balloon Dog. It’s verboten to boulder Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass. But you can pop a squat in Etazin, a gyroscopic chair inspired by the Japanese moon gate, available now. When’s the last time you were inspired by lawn furniture?
If you're looking for a unique furniture piece to complement the breathtaking outdoor view you have in your backyard, the Etazin is the ideal chair for you. This outdoor lounger offers users the chance to kick back and enjoy the view in a chair made from several rotating rings.
Here’s a way to enjoy a 360-degree view. Part swivel chair, part hammock, this gyroscope-recalling outdoor lounge chair lets users rotate to get the best view, like a desert sunset, or even to avoid intense sunshine altogether. 

The chair, called Etazin, is made of three solid steel rings. The outermost ring is stationary, creating a framework so the two inner rings can spin. A curved, padded lounge chair sits on the innermost ring. The piece is now part of a new permanent installation at Taliesin West, the main campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in Arizona. “It is meant as an elaborate piece of outdoor lounge furniture, though it really looks like a sculpture when not in use,” says [Kathleen Werner], the interior designer who dreamed up and fabricated the chair.
A ‘moon gate’ is a circular void in a wall embedded into the architecture of traditional Japanese gardens. within this context, it contrasts the other characteristics of the space, announcing the entrance of any guest or resident to the home. taking note of this particular feature and its significance, [Kathleen Werner] has designed and crafted a chair that combines form and function called ‘Etazin‘.
Imagine yourself in your favorite outdoor setting – what would you be resting on? Try the impressive Etazin Lounge Chair as a contemporary alternative that embodies function, aesthetics and high-quality into an eye-catching chair design. Designer Kate Brown saw this swivel/hammock chair as an artistic expression of comfort and flexibility and shares her vision in a rotating steel shape. A curved and padded lounge area was fixed on the chair’s innermost ring, inviting to comfortable contemplation and relaxation.
Fancy taking a seat on a mighty steel structure straight out of a science-fiction flick? Or sitting on a wicker recliner with wheels? How about being scooped up by a mobile butterfly chair? Archiexpo has spotted these unique pieces that will rock your perception of lounging and relaxing.
Designer [Kathleen Werner] designed Etazin, a series of sculptural and interactive outdoor lounge chairs that turn a full 360 degrees to take advantage of surrounding views. Inspired by the Asian moon gate garden elements, the modern lounge chairs are made of steel and are approximately eight-and-a-half feet tall and wide. The striking art piece come in either a square or circle version, and is coated with a high-grade polyurethane to protect against rusting.
Aiming to provide a gateway to enjoying nature in all its raw, outdoor splendour, American artist and designer [Kathleen Werner] created this incredible sculpture called Etazin, which allows people to sit and turn in all directions. Made out of steel and minimally styled, it is reminiscent of an ancient astronomer's tool to measure the heavens, or even looking like a Greek gyroscope.
This glamorous chair, called Etazin Lounge Chair, is a fascinating idea of the gifted designer [Kathleen Werner].  Lying on this contemporary lounge chair, you can relax and fully enjoy the whole wonderful natural view without any obstacles. A curved and padded lounge area was fixed on the chair’s innermost ring to welcome everyone to comfortable relaxation.
Arizona based designer [Kathleen Werner] created a unique contemporary lounge chair called Etazin that embodies functionality, aesthetics and high quality performance. The structure of the chair, except for the soft part, was made of steel. This way, designer Kathleen Werner combined a lounge chair and a hammock in this alternative shape. The chair itself rotates at 360 degrees. The cushions are removable. It easily accommodates two people, and it’s very good for relaxing in the back yard.
Inspired by the interaction of modern architecture and dramatic desert vistas, the sculptural Etazin Chair frames views of the Arizona hills, its inner ring spinning to face any direction the user desires. Made of steel, the circular 8-foot lounger is more than just a practical piece of furniture. With looks that make it feel like an instant classic, the design works in concert with its surroundings for an immersive experience.